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Eye diseases are becoming increasingly common, and red eye, as the most common eye disease nowadays, is characterized by red eyes, but not all eyes redness are red eyes (pink eyes). Many patients think that as long as their eyes are red, it is definitely red eye (pink eyes); this thinking is wrong. Because eyes redness is just a manifestation, we are giving you an explanation of the difference between red eyes, and taking you know about red eyes. Eye care is always a topic we discuss constantly.

The difference between eyes redness and red eyes (pink eye) may be confusing to many people, who think that eyes redness is red eye disease, leading to the wrong treatment. However, if the wrong medication is used, it is likely to cause the ingredients in the medication to harm the eyes or cause symptoms such as drug allergies to occur.

First of all, eyes redness is indeed the most common feature of red eye (pink eye), but not that as long as the eyes are red, you will suffer from the red eye (pink eye) because many other conditions can also cause eyes to red. Long stay up late, or a long time looking at the phone computer, and other bad behavior will also cause the occurrence of eyes redness so that the eyes alone can not determine whether red eye (pink eye) and red eye and eyes redness are originally two concepts.

And if the eyes redness is accompanied by a loss of vision, this means that the eye disease occurs in the deep part of the eye. If the vision is not affected and the eyes are only red, it means that only the surface does not deteriorate. Eye red, he is not red eye (pink eye), this kind of disease is unique, many diseases will lead to the phenomenon of eye redness occur. Eyes red are just a manifestation of eye problems.

eyes red

What is red eye (pink eye)?

Red eye is an inflammation of the eye caused by a bacterial or viral infection, medically known as acute conjunctivitis. The conjunctiva is a thin, translucent mucous membrane that covers the back of the eyelid and the front of the white part of the eye (sclera), providing protection and lubrication, with the part covering the eyelid called the lid conjunctiva and the part covering the sclera called the bulbar conjunctiva. The conjunctiva is rich in microfilaments, and inflammation of this area by infection can cause more severe congestion, a common symptom of acute conjunctivitis.

Symptoms of Red Eye (Pink eye)

  • Subconjunctival hemorrhage - A subconjunctival hemorrhage occurs when the blood vessels in the conjunctiva of the eye are fragile and rupture on their own due to inflammation. The symptoms are similar to bruising caused by bleeding under the skin when the skin is accidentally crushed, except that this subcutaneous hemorrhage occurs in the eye, mostly in spots or flakes, and usually, the blood spots are not very large.
  • Increased secretions - A more common symptom of red eye is increased discharge, which varies depending on the condition. Gonococcal conjunctivitis secretes a purulent substance; bacterial or chlamydial conjunctivitis secretes a mucous pus, and viral conjunctivitis secretes a watery substance. Since the secretions of patients with pink eye contain viruses and bacteria and are contagious, patients should clean up the secretions before using household products to avoid increasing the chance of infection.
  • Conjunctival edema - Conjunctival edema in the red eye is caused by inflammation that causes the conjunctival blood vessels to swell and exude. Because the tissue of the bulbar and fornix conjunctiva is looser and exposed to the surface of the eye, the symptoms of edema are much more pronounced compared to the lid conjunctiva. When conjunctival edema occurs, it is important not to scratch or scratch your hands, as this may aggravate the edema.
  • Conjunctival congestion - Most of the blood vessels in the conjunctiva are small capillaries that normally do not have much blood flowing through them, so the conjunctiva usually appears "white." When inflammation occurs in the conjunctiva, these vessels suddenly dilate or even rupture, and a large amount of blood flows into them, turning the conjunctiva red in color. The characteristic is that the closer to the dome, the more severe the congestion, and the closer to the cornea, the less severe the symptoms.

Red eyes are a highly contagious eye disease and may also be associated with itchy eyes. Eyes red are a phenomenon that can be caused by staying up all night, prolonged fatigue, and other factors. So there is a difference between these two conditions. However, the eyes are red, indicating that there should be a problem with the eyes. Patients must pay attention to their eyes and maintain eye hygiene to prevent eye diseases from occurring.

Red eye (pink eye) is one of the most common eye diseases nowadays, occurring in all people, and anyone, no matter what age, can be infected. However, with the increasing level of medical care and awareness of prevention, the prevalence of this disease is still very small.

red eyes

How to prevent red eye (pink eye)?

1. Usually, the secretions of people with red eye (pink eye) contain more viruses and bacteria. After rubbing their eyes and using household products, their hands and household products can be contaminated with viruses and bacteria, which may spread red eye (pink eye) to other people. Be careful not to share basins or towels, or handkerchiefs with people with red eye (pink eye), and wash your hands thoroughly after shaking hands with people with red eye (pink eye.)

2. When in public places, try not to use shared towels or washbasins, and it is best to prepare personal items in advance. In crowded areas, do not wipe your eyes with your hands, and wash your hands and face with soap after returning home to avoid contracting red eye (pink eye.)

3. Many people in life are used to drops of eye drops after visual fatigue, while some will choose to borrow other people's eye drops to relieve eye discomfort. If the eye drops are infected by people with red eye (pink eye,) then it is possible to infect others with pink eye. Therefore, do not lend your own eye drops to others, and do not borrow other people's eye drops.

4. As red eye (pink eye) is a common eye disease among children, kindergartens must do their best to prevent it by separating students' towels and washbasins and by regularly disinfecting teaching aids and toys used by students to prevent the spread of red eye (pink eye) among them.