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Remember how people blinking on Tiktok can make their eyes change color? That's because they're wearing contacts. In fact, we also have this "superpower," a pair of eyes that can change color in real life. For example, the eyes turn red, green, or white. What is the secret hidden in this? Is it beauty calling? Of course not; This is an abnormality in our eyes that produces strange images. The strange phenomenon produces abnormalities. Different colors of the eyes hide some health hazards, and different colors of the eyes may correspond to different eye diseases.

#01 Red Eye ~ Red Eye Disease

Red eye is called "pink eye" because the white kernels (i.e., conjunctiva) of the eyes look very red. It is a common eye disease that usually presents with redness and swelling of the eyes, a foreign body sensation, burning, itching, and tearing. It is also called "acute conjunctivitis" and is an acute infectious eye disease caused by a bacterial or viral infection.

There are two main types of acute conjunctivitis - bacterial conjunctivitis and viral conjunctivitis, of which viral conjunctivitis is more prevalent and harmful. "Red eye" is highly contagious; the onset is fast, and often, one person has the disease, the whole family infection.

Red Eye Treatment options:

1. Spot eye drops and flush the affected eye: Acute conjunctivitis is a self-limiting disease, and its treatment is mainly based on eye drops. It is necessary to follow the doctor's prescription for antibiotic eye drops and use antibiotic eye ointment before bedtime. When the conjunctival sac secretions need to comply with medical advice, saline or boric acid water for flushing, local cold compresses, do not hot compress package affected eye.

2. Oral medication: need to follow the doctor's advice, oral medication.

3. Prevention of infection, disinfection, and isolation: attention should be paid to isolation during the illness, do not string. Used towels, handkerchiefs, and basins should be disinfected by boiling and drying before use, and prepare special washing utensils for patients.

#02 White Eye ~ Cataract

A cataract is a clouding of the lens caused by various reasons (aging, genetics, radiation, trauma, etc.). The clouded lens is like a fogged glass that tends to blur a person's vision. As the degree of clouding deepens, cataracts can seriously lead to blindness.

The elderly are the most common group of cataract sufferers, and a miraculous phenomenon is that presbyopic patients suddenly find that they can see clearly without prescription glasses, but this is actually a symptom of cataract.

Cataracts can cause blindness, are dangerous, and have a high incidence. Please seek medical attention as soon as possible when cataract symptoms appear. There are now proven cataract treatment options - surgical replacement of the clouded lens with a clear IOL.

#03 Green Eyes ~ Glaucoma

The cornea of a glaucoma patient appears grayish-green and somewhat light-emitting. The three words glaucoma depict the appearance of the eye during an acute attack of glaucoma.

Glaucoma is caused by an abnormal elevation of pressure in the eye, and the retinal optic nerve tissue cannot withstand the pressure, resulting in damage, degeneration, atrophy, and, eventually, visual dysfunction.

Patients with glaucoma will experience loss of vision and foggy vision at night, followed by headache and eye swelling. Patients with glaucoma will experience corneal edema and refractive changes due to elevated intraocular pressure and impaired circulation of intraocular fluid, resulting in "iridescence," a phenomenon in which the outer ring is orange-red, the inner ring is purple-red, and the middle is green.

The scary thing about it is that it is irreversible and blinding, and once you have glaucoma, you have to be treated for the rest of your life.

Glaucoma treatments currently include medications, lasers, and surgery, which aim to control intraocular pressure, but most glaucoma cannot be completely cured at present, and lost vision cannot be effectively restored; treatments are all aimed at preserving existing visual function and preventing further loss of vision. Therefore, early prevention and early detection are particularly important.

#04 Blue Eyes ~ Chronic Iron Deficiency

Some people have blue whites in their eyes, which are mostly caused by chronic iron deficiency. The human sclera is made up of rich collagen. If there is iron deficiency in your body, first of all, the whites of your eyes will gradually become thinner, and the brownish-gray choroid below will be difficult to cover up, and under the sunlight, the original whites of your eyes will appear to turn blue.

Usually, the whites of the eyes will appear light blue in mild cases and blue-white in severe cases. If you find that the whites of the eyes of children at home are blue in color, you can basically consider them to be anemic. Then, it is important to pay attention to including some foods that contain a lot of iron in the diet.

Final Reminder

In addition to the above eye color changes, we should also pay attention to whether there are any "impurities" in the eyes. For example, some people have yellow spots on the whites of their eyes. Most cases are due to external irritation and excessive ultraviolet radiation causing lid fissures, so there is no need to worry too much. But when you see things darker, distorted, dark spots or dark areas in front of your eyes, it is possible that your macula has a problem, and you should go to the hospital as soon as possible to avoid delaying treatment.

Always having a pair of sunglasses around is the most basic option to protect our eyes. Whether your eyes need correction or not, plano sunglasses or prescription sunglasses are one of the items we need to have on hand for driving, going out, or having fun, especially when we explore the sun.