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Some people meet and go together and then separate. Some eyeglasses are crooked after wearing them for a while. Wearing crooked glasses and walking apart glasses are the same; both of them can inadvertently bring a lot of damage to your body and mind.

How much damage do eyeglasses that are often worn crooked do to our eyes?

If the eyeglasses are crooked, the external light cannot reach the pupil through the optical center of the lens, which will lead to a horizontal shift of the pupil distance and an axial shift of astigmatism.Therefore, the lens prescription through such an incorrect position does not match the actual prescription on your own at the time of eye testing.

The lens prescription is not the same at every position on the lens, especially for highly astigmatic eyeglasses. And distorted eyeglasses will produce a prismatic effect that distorts what is seen, affecting eye position and fatigue and even causing strabismus.

How can you tell if your eyeglass frame is crooked?

Take off the eyeglasses and open both temples. Place the front side of the frame on the horizontal table and observe whether the opening and closing of the two temples are symmetrical and whether the lower edge of the two lenses and the two ear hooks are smooth. Secondly, put the reverse side of the eyeglasses upwards and observe whether the two temples of the frame fit the desktop, and finally, close the temples of the frame and observe whether the left and right temples can form a straight line.

A suitable pair of eyeglasses, both sides of the lens circle, should be on a consistent level, and the upper edge of the left and right lens circle to the eyelid distance is equal. The eyes are roughly in the upper 1/3 to 1/2 of the eyeglass lens, the straight line distance from the lens to the eye is about 12 mm, and the lens can not touch the eyelashes. The side view of the lens is about 8-15 degrees forward angle. Both sides of the nosepiece and legs fit comfortably with the face without pinching or loosening.

How do I get my crooked glasses back?

Glasses are bound to cause more or less distortion or imbalance in the use process. You can refer to those mentioned above to see if your glasses need to be adjusted. In addition, you can find the solution here in how to adjust glasses for different eyeglasses distortion problems. Of course, please get in touch with us promptly for any issue with damaged glasses.