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Fashion, personality, and a nice face-looking are the reasons why many people choose large-sized glasses frames. It must be said that many people with these large frames look good and set off the temperament of skin. These oversized eyeglass frames are good-looking but not for everyone.

Large glasses frames are unsuitable for people who wear prescription lenses, especially adults with small pupil distances or groups of children and adolescents in myopia's developmental stages. Generally, these people will feel discomfort when wearing large-size prescription glasses; they may be immersed in high beauty on the first day and then fall into dizziness, visual distortion, and other problems on the second day. So why is that?

visual problems

Prescription lens optical center problems

The pupillary distance is measured at the time of optometry and is necessary for fitting prescription glasses. However, in some cases, the pupillary distance is too small for the size of the eyeglass frame, which can result in the prescription lenses not meeting the optical area requirements during eyeglass processing.

When the center of the prescription lens does not correspond to the visual center of the eye, a series of problems of discomfort in seeing will occur. As a result, the eyes will only get tired. What's more, if it's a teenager, they are in the developmental stage of vision, and once the eyes are too tired, it is very likely to cause a significant rise in eye prescription.

Prescription lens peripheral distortion

Myopic lenses will have a prismatic effect around them because of the optical effect. In addition, large frames for this prismatic effect will be more obvious than small frames. People with a high prescription of myopia and astigmatism are more likely to have symptoms of deformation and discomfort from looking at objects through the periphery of the lenses and even dizziness.

Glasses weight problem

Finally, there is the issue of the weight of the glasses. We all know that myopic prescription lenses are concave lenses that are thin in the middle and thick at the edges. So when the glasses frame is more oversized, the thicker the edge of the assembled lens is, the heavier it will be in relative terms. High prescription is not to mention that it is easy to press the bridge of the nose, and glasses always fall.

Therefore, we do not recommend wearing large-frame glasses for high prescriptions. The same holds for those with small pupil distances. And for teenagers, their nasal bridge is still developing, so of course, it is better to choose lighter glasses.

So, for the sake of everyone's eye health, these people who need vision correction can check out the smaller eyeglass frames, which again have many wonderful prescription eyeglasses.