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People with nearsightedness are no stranger to eyeglasses, so how much do you know about the maintenance of your glasses? Today we share with you the basic cleaning and maintenance of eyeglass lenses.

As the primary tool to correct your nearsightedness, we often enjoy it pay for us but not protecting it. Remember the three steps of lens maintenance; you can extend the lens time to provide you with better clear vision.

Step 1: Proper storage and placement

When the glasses are not in use, wrap the frames in a cloth and place them in the case, forbidding them to be placed on the sofa, along the edge of the bed, etc., where they can be easily pressed. Temporary removal of glasses, should be folded and placed front up, prohibit front down easy to wear lenses

Step 2: Proper scrubbing

Eyeglasses lenses should be washed with water and detergent to remove oil stains with a clean paper towel or mirror cloth dry, forbidden to use the corner of clothes, cuffs, or old mirror cloth wipe.

If it is not convenient to wash with water, you can wipe it clean with special spray or wiping paper. No formal cleaning tools at all can also blow the lens surface dust first, insert clean in the same direction, forbid rubbing back and forth type rubbing lens.

Step 3: Correct use

Ordinary glasses for daily use only; for outdoor sports or strenuous sports, such as running or playing ball please use special sport goggles. Lenses are most afraid of high temperature and direct sunlight, so it is forbidden to place your eyeglasses in front of the windshield of a bicycle, under the spotlight, or wear glasses for hot baths, hot springs, and other high-temperature activities.

Any glasses can be damaged to different degrees by external forces, such as breakage or deformation, so please avoid heavy objects or breaking the glasses frame to prevent deformation of the glasses and the pupil distance shift, resulting in inaccurate luminosity. In addition, you should take off your glasses with both hands and fold the left leg first and then the right leg when storing them.

Doing the above three maintenance steps will protect your glasses well and extend their life cycle.