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We all have more or less cell phone dependence, and everywhere we go, the phone is not away as if there is no cell phone, no security.

We can even see such a group of people, even when running clutching their cell phones. Fear of missing any piece of information, and even more people will run while watching videos.

Running while looking at the phone distracts attention, increases the risk of injury, and may impact vision.

Running and looking at the phone will increase astigmatism?

TNow pick up the phone, stand up and run. Look carefully at the contents of the phone. Did you feel dizzy and the phone's text pictures in heavy shadow?


Some people may think that this is astigmatism, which is indeed similar to the manifestation of astigmatism. However, astigmatism is due to the different refractive abilities of the eye on different meridians. Parallel light rays cannot focus on one point on the retina but form multiple focal lines. So it cannot create clear object images, and symptoms such as blurred vision, double vision, and visual fatigue appear.

Astigmatism is mostly caused by genetic factors and is often caused by corneal diseases, trauma, lack of outdoor activities, etc. Looking at the phone while running is not the cause of astigmatism.

The hazards of running to look at the phone

In the running process, the distance between the eyes and the phone screen constantly changes with the body and arms swaying. No matter how the distance changes, it is still in the category of close eye use.

In this case, eye regulation is continuously and heavily invoked. As a result, the ciliary muscles are under prolonged tension. In the short term, dizziness and visual fatigue will occur, and nearsightedness will develop or worsen over time.

Similar to looking at a cell phone while running, it is best not to use it while walking or in a moving car and even not to read a book.