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The anxiety of modern young people is focused on body, face, and wealth. In contrast, this generation of parents' concern must take place in their children's myopia problem. Many parents who know that their children have myopia are likely to control their children's electronic products, use time strictly, or prepare various eye protection tools Or is learning and vision equally important? Which one should the child favor?


Please don't panic about your child's myopia; it's essential to choose the right solution to slow down myopia development!

We find many misconceptions in our contact with many parents of myopic children. "Do my child has to wear prescription eyeglasses? The more you wear the eyeglasses, the deeper prescription they will get!" "The child is so young, don't wear them if you can!" Especially after some parents agree to give their children prescription eyeglasses and think: "The prescription of child's eyeglasses should be lower."

Eyeglasses to be undercorrected - one of the main misconceptions of parents

Undercorrection of myopia is wearing a pair of eyeglasses with a lower prescription than is correct, which can result in lower than usual corrected visual acuity for people with nearsightedness, which many parents believe can slow down their child's myopia progression.

Why can't the prescription glasses be lower than the actual prescription?

Wearing a pair of eyeglasses with a lower prescription than the actual will increase the importance of fatigue. This is because when the new prescription eyeglasses are under your prescription, the ciliary muscle responsible for adjusting the focal length will continue to spasm due to over-adjustment, which will quickly fatigue over time and may accelerate the deterioration of vision.

In addition, there are some parental misconceptions that need to be recognized.

Children's eye discomfort and eye drops can be relieved?

When many children have dry, itchy, red eyes, parents go to the drugstore to buy eye drops, a practice that is not advocated. There are many different types of eye diseases, and some eye drops sold in the market are mainly anti-inflammatory and anti-fatigue, which will not necessarily solve eye problems. Scientific eye care requires going to a professional institution to examine your eyes and consult with a professional.

After wearing prescription glasses there is no way to remove the glasses, the myopia will grow higher and higher?

One of parents' most frequently asked questions when getting prescription glasses is whether their children's eye prescription will get higher if they wear glasses, which is incorrect. It has nothing to do with the eyeglasses themselves, and since children and teenagers are still developing, any unhealthy eye habits can deepen the myopia prescription the eyes.

The right way after myopia in children

Once a child is nearsighted, parents should take their child to a formal institution to have their vision checked and establish a refractive file to facilitate timely monitoring of their child's vision development in the future to prevent it in advance.

At the same time, parents should not be afraid that wearing prescription glasses will deepen their myopia. Contrary to this, the correct eyeglasses can slow down myopia development.

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